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Troops Send Video of Packages

Troops from the CRT3, HHC 2/112th Infantry sent this video back of packages being delivered from Operation SOS. This is what it is all about. Thank you to all who have supported this effort. Please come out and support us on our ride 8/15, or donate on this web site. It is your support that makes scenes like this possible.


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"Guardian Knights,

I am writing to you from the "wonderful" desert of Iraq. I received the package that you had sent me and wanted thank you all...It is greatly appreciated by me and all soldiers for what you all do back on the home front to support us. Thank you again!"

Sgt. Fink

Here are some responses we have received from the troops.

"Thanks for the support

I'm the soldier that got the scoot calendar. Nikki looked so pleased handing the packages out this morning standing in the back of the HWMMV, unfortunately I didn't get any pics to pass along to you but I'm sure they're on the way."

SGT Buchheimer

"We got the packages! Everyone loved them! Everyone was sooo excited. I got it all on video and pics... Thank you for all the boxes! Everyone was so appreciative... You guys are soooo awesome!"

N. Baum

"Dear GKMC,

Thankyou so much for the package you sent! Inside was everything a girl here could ask for! The soaps, socks, body spray and everything inside were a god send. Don't worry, I shared with everyone. It is such and honor to receive a care package from your organization even though I don't ride. It would be great to meet ya'll as well. Thank you so much for your support!"

SPC Brown

"We received the care package you guys sent. Thank you very much. The soldiers really appreciate it ."

SSG Downey

refuel unitThese are members of the 2-104th GSAB at FOB Garry Owen just about 15 miles from the Iranian border in Iraq.

Wayne T. Perkins

"Guys we just received the boxes last night on a CH-47, I wanted to tell you thanks from the Outlaw Refuel team at Garry Owen. You guys are F$%^ing amazing. My god the cookies were so fresh and so damn good, I wish I could make you guys understand how that made us feel. Please pass this on."

Davey Johnson

"ya ya!! thank you Guardian Knights!!! "

Jared Arthur

"to the guardian knights, thank you for everything, u made your packages feel like its christmas everyime we get stuff from you guys, we really and truely appreciate what u guys have done and do for us."

Dallas Obergfell

"Thanks for all the support that you folks that work with the Guardian Knights have shown to us. It means a lot to know that some people care about the soldiers that are deployed and getting deployed. Thanks again for all you have done for us here on G/O."

Dan Thompson

"I also want to say thanks to the Guardian Knights for there support to all of us who are deployed. Thanks for all the time and effort put forth."

SMSgt Godin of the 809 Red Horse Squadron, stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan

"Thanks for the great package of home-made cookies and candy and that really nice Harley Calendar. I've been sharing the cookies and everybody has complimented them. The Harley Calendar I'm keeping for myself.

I also want to thank Elizabeith Kussmieh (spelling?) for the wonderful handwritten card and poem. It was very nice and heartfelt. Please let here know one of us old guys got a little choked up reading it."

CMSgt George Flick 557 Red Horse Squadron Basra, Iraq

"I received the packages you sent. "Thank You" for your kindness and generosity. I will share the items with all the Airmen here at my location. I'm sure that they will enjoy them. We have a MWR tent I will put them in there for all to partake. Please pass on my "Thanks" to all the wonderful bakers that took the time to prepare the great baked goods. I've been trying to lose some weight here but I can't walk past homemade cookies without having few, they are great!!!! I know I can speak for all our Airmen at other locations and say "Thank You" for them also. I'm sure they are enjoying them too."

Parents of SFC Wayne Perkins

"God Bless you and  many thanks from the family of SFC Wayne T. Perkins.  We spoke to Wayne this afternoon and he said they received the 14 boxes that you folks sent to them and the guys were so grateful for the cookies, fudge, etc.  Wayne said a lot of them had tears well up in their eyes and some of them fell to their knee's and thanked God for people like you and the motorcycle club. You are truly God's earth angels and we appreciate everything that you do for our soldiers.  The guys right now are starting to lose focus and they are getting on each other's nerves.  If they could get some downtime, I am sure they would be okay, but Wayne said that they do not get off of the post at all and since they are only 15 miles from the Iranian Border, half the time they do not get their one hot meal a week and they do not get their fresh water for a week at a time.  We thank you so much for caring.  God Bless and much love from the family of SFC Wayne T. Perkins.  Please pass our appreciation on the the club members.
Wayne & Barb Perkins"